Party Booths has emerged as the largest and most distinguished provider of photo booth rental services in the entire nation simply because we provide our clients with the best customer service, highest quality photos, and the largest, most fun, interactive photo booth rentals available all at the best value!

Why Choose Party Booths?
Back up equipment in every photo booth - Let's face it, cameras fail and computers can crash. This is why you want to make sure whoever you book with provides back up equipment just in case of a hardware failure. At Party Booths, every one of our photo booths come with 2 computers, 2 cameras, 2 printers, and 3 flashes to ensure a flawless event EVERY time!

Experience from completing over 15,000 events - Many companies are what we call "One man, One booth" operations. They've completed only a handful of events and are sure to learn more and more things the hard way as they progress. Party Booths has completed over 15,000 events to date and that number grows with every passing week. Whoever you hire, make sure they've got plenty of experience as the saying goes, "there's no substitute for experience."

Full time staff to answer your questions - Make sure whoever you hire will actually answer your calls AFTER your check clears. At Party Booths, we man our phones 10 hours a day, 5 days per week. If you have questions regarding your photo booth rental, help is just a phone call away.

Best graphic designers on staff - A huge, often overlooked, detail of your photo booth rental is making sure your on-site print graphics look exactly how you envisioned them. We hire the best graphic designers and refer to them as Photoshop Ninjas. They are that impressive! Our guys will work back and forth with you by sending out email proofs of how the on-site prints will look weeks prior to your event. Submit as many changes as you like, we're not happy until you're happy!

Large photo booths that fit more people - Our booths measure 5 feet by 6 feet making them much bigger than your traditional photo booths. When it comes to photo booths, more people equals more fun! We can comfortably accommodate 6 adults and if you really feel like having fun, squeeze in an additional 6 and prepare for a wild time!

Proudly published prices - Check out our website at to view our proudly published prices. When we are the consumer, we can't stand that we have to fill out forms or make phone calls just to find out how much something costs so we opted to put our prices for each market that we serve, directly on our website.

What's included with my rental?
On-site attendant - Every photo booth rental from Party Booths comes with an on-site attendant to help ensure that your guests maximize the photo booth experience. Our professional and courteous photo booth attendant will ensure the booth is operational the entire rental period. They are also there to assist your guests in using the booth and will explain to your guests how to log on to your new private web gallery and view / share their photos for many months to come.

On-site prints - Seconds after your guests exit the booth, our printer begins printing the photo from their photo booth session automatically! It takes about 30 seconds for the print to be fully printed, dried, and ready to share, but the next group of guests can already be inside the booth getting their pictures taken. We use the highest quality printers on the market so rest assured, your guests will be blown away by the on-site print quality!

Unlimited sessions - Your guests are free to go through the photo booth as many times as they like, and believe us when we say, many do! Once those pictures start circulation around your event, the photo booth action becomes contagious! There is no limit to how many priceless photos our booths can capture. Simply add people and let the fun begin.

Free props - Our customers asked and we listened. Included in all of our rentals are those super fun and silly props that your guests will love getting silly with. If you prefer a more formal photo booth rental, simply choose "NO" on your event questionnaire and we will not bring any props to your event. You can view samples of our props here.

High resolution images - A few days following your event, you will receive an email containing a link to where you can download all of the high resolution images to print and share your pictures whenever and wherever you like. In addition to the collages, we also provide the individual files that can be enlarged to 16 inch poster sized prints! You can also choose to have a DVD mailed to you however this option may take a week longer to get your files.

Private web gallery - We provide all our clients with a private web gallery free of charge and we host it for an entire year! You can view, share on Face Book, and comment on all of the photos from your event. You and your guests can also order reprints, coffee cups, and many more photo type products.

Customized graphics - With Party Booths, you get more options making the photos from your event truly unique. First, choose a configuration of how you would like your prints to look. Then choose a template that best fits your tastes. Not sure how you want your prints to look? We’ll design a cool graphic for you free of charge. Next choose color, B/W, or Sepia Prints. Choose the background color and finally, you can even choose the color of your doorway curtain. Check out the 6 different print configurations here.

Professional quality - All of our photo booths utilize professional cameras and professional studio lighting for superior image quality. Our print collages can be enlarged to 8x10 inch prints while the corresponding individual files can be enlarged to 16 x 24 inch poster sized prints! We also use the highest quality printers available to give your guests incredibly sharp photos on the spot!

Book online - You can book your photo booth rental entirely online. We have mastered the booking process making it as efficient and effective as possible. We understand that we are not the only vendors you are working with so we will be as quick as possible getting only the information that we need. We may even become the easiest vendor to work with at your event.

Customer Service At Party Booths, customer service is our top priority. We man our phones M-F 9am-7pm EST for your convenience. Our friendly and courteous office staff will answer all of your questions quickly and effectively and will not pressure you into making a decision. We also hire the most professional and fun attendants in the industry to ensure you and your guests have a great time while getting the most use out of your photo booth rental.

At Party booths, we strive to continue to raise the standards in the photo booth rental industry.

Please feel free to contact us at 866-437-0297 if you have any questions.